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        On Jan, 2009, our company has moved to the new address where locates in the city-centre district of Nanjing. The improvement of our working environment will propel the development of our company. Furthermore, the convenient traffics help us to fulfill a better after-sale service. NGN Instrument, Inc. expects your visiting!
        Genan Profile

        Nanjing Genan Industrial (NGN) Co., Ltd
        Address: 13th Floor, 26 Majia Street, Nanjing 210009
        Telephone: +86 25 6889 1111
        Fax: +86 25 6884 7904
        About NGN
        Nanjing Genan Industrial (NGN) Co., Ltd, founded in March, 1998, locates in Nanjing, China. Over the years, NGN has grown up into a high-tech enterprise with the concept of creation, innovation and reliability in the dam safety monitoring and geo-environmental monitoring device industry in China. NGN provides a wide range of reliable products to the customers, and in particular, NGN has a complete line for high quality vibrating wire sensors.     
        NGN’s products include over 100 types and they are classified into 15 categories: stressmeters, water pressure, earth pressure, displacement, load, temperature, tilt, deformation, settlement, test, calibration, data collection device, data collection system, cables and accessories, debris flow pre-warning system and hydrometeorology meters.
        NGN’s products have been applied widely in various projects, including roadway, highway, railway, subway, mine, dam, bridge, hydraulic and electrical engineering projects, and other civil engineering and national defense projects, of which plenty are national key projects, e.g., Three-Gorges Project, Long-Tan Project, Zi-Ping-Pu Project, Jiang-Ya Project and Chang-Ma Project. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that NGN’s products were also applied in the Qinshan nuclear power station construction project and China High-speed Rail construction project. NGN implements stringent quality control procedures at each stage of the manufacturing process, which brings continued business growth to NGN. We believe that the quality and highest reliability is the foundation stone of NGN’s products, and the creative and innovative culture is the vitality of the NGN. NGN is ISO certified (ISO9001:2000) with respect to NGN’s quality control during the manufacturing process. Also, NGN has been granted National Industrial Products Manufacture Licensing Certificate, China Metrology Certification (CMC), and etc. In addition, NGN offers one-year guarantee, and the sold instruments can be repaired, exchanged and/or returned for free in the guaranteed time.
        National Industrial Products Manufacture Licensing Certificate


        Nanjing Genan Industrial (NGN) Co., Ltd

        After investigation, the following products by your side conform to the conditions for acquiring the manufacture licensing certificate.


        Name of product: Geotechnical Engineering Instruments (Please refer to the attachment for more details)

        Location: Room 1300, 13th Floor, 26 Majia Street, Gulou, Nanjing

        Production Address: Room 1300, 13th Floor, 26 Majia Street, Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

        Certificate Number: XK07-003-00027

        Date of Expiry: April 25, 2015



        Attachment (1/1)

        Name of Enterprise: Nanjing Genan Industrial (NGN) Co.  Ltd

        Name of Product: Geotechnical Engineering Instruments

        Certificate Number: XK07-003-00027

        Date of Expiry: April 25, 2015

        Date of Issue: April 26, 2010


        1.      Deformation monitoring instruments

        1)      Model VWJD Vibrating Wire Displacement Gauges:  Model VWJD-12, Model VWJD-20, Model VWJD-50, Model VWJD-100

        2)      Model GN-1 Inclinometer

        2.      Stress/Strain monitoring instruments

        1)      Model VWS-10 Vibrating Wire Gauges

        2)      Model VWS-15 Vibrating Wire Gauges

        3)      Model VW-5 Vibrating Wire Pressure Transducers for geotechnical application

        3.      Signal receiving meters

        1)      Model VW-102A Vibrating Wire Data Readout

        4.      Dams safety monitoring system devices

        1)      Model MCU-32 Distributed Auto-Measurement Unit


         NGN Instrument, Incorporated Email: njgn@njgn.com 
         26 Majiajie street Website: www.whhhwj.com
         Nanjing, Jiangsu Tel:86(25)84443850/1/2/3
         CHINA 210009 Fax:025-58705973 
         Copyright ©1998-2013 NGN Instrument, Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.